The experts of South Mountain Tours have literally written the books about Chinese history and culture. We’ve created China tours to include not only known and loved sights, but also places of exciting discovery and adventure. We help you prepare for China by providing you our “All About China” video, a unique program designed to increase your China understanding 100-fold before you even start your tour. By watching the video, you’ll be able to identify and appreciate a huge treasury of things that go unnoticed and unexplained on other tours. There is no need to pre-read or lug dense guide or history books for your trip. We offer this fascinating and helpful video program to give you an easy and complete way to learn about China’s history and culture before you travel. Combine this with our experienced and knowledgeable travel guides and you’ll find our tours to be enriching, insightful, and especially fun.

   All South Mountain tours include special samplings of the highest quality, delicious local cuisines at no extra charge. You’ll learn about flavors and special dishes that distinguish China’s culinary universe.

   Accomodations are high quality and comfortable hotels throughout. Pricing includes all accommodations, meals, guides, and in-country transportation costs. Single supplement available for all tours.

  “South Mountain” is the name of a place south of Xi’an where travelers and hermits found beauty and happiness.

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