Introduction on Chinese Culture
The introduction link here introduces most famous sights of China. View this intro to start planning your first or next trip in that country.
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About China--History and Culture
A one hour overview of China's history in video, photos, and fascinating narrative. This chapter of the DVD gives you what you'd learn in a year of Chinese history in college, but in a fun way and in only one hour!
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The Three Teachings
Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism are the cultural bedrock of traditional Chinese culture. Learn about these fascinating philosophies and how they affected the Chinese view of the
world in this video.
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Secrets of Chinatown
Have you ever been to Chinatown and wondered what all those figures in the store mean? If you know what you are seeing there, Chinatown is a museum of Chinese folklore and culture. View this video for an introduction to the figures of Chinatown, their fables, legends, and how they are depicted in art and folklore.
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